The USS Quad Damage

Evolution 2.0 with Tungsten T3

Joy to the world. Evolution 2.0 has been released. It's also got pilot conduits, which make it even more awesome. A few notes:
  • Versamail won't work. You need something like e*mail. This is because versamail uses some new funky format for sending stuff. You can still use it if you have an IMAP server on your box.
  • The .evolution/[tasks, calendar, contacts, etc]/system directory needs to exist for the conduits to work. This is new, because there used to be a system directory in the old evolution (so if you upgrade you won't notice), but the new one dynamically generates a directory name (or something). It keeps sync between the pilot and the PC, without it your data will be heavily duped.
  • A general issue here, but don't sync with more than one box. That includes Windows. Pick one, don't update with the other, else lots of duplication occurs, and it isn't pretty.
  • Addressbook doesn't work completely properly. The title is left blank, which will result in dupes if you modify data.

Overall, I'm excited. Now I'm just thinking about an IMAP server or something, somewhere, as well as a web-based calendar so I can update and check my schedule anywhere.