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Cheap wireless internet

pleeeease make another update!


So here's another post from me, there are some very cheap wireless broadband deals on here -

Have a look, the prices -
256k/64k with 3GB data included: $34.95 per month
512k/128k with 10GB data included: $44.95 per month
1024k/256k with 20GB data included: $64.95 per month

It finishes at the end of the month, you can also sign up wtih iiBurst with this deal as well which has a difference coverage map, I haven't checked it, but nathan might be better off with that one. The only problem is you need to buy a model (200) and pay the setup fees (150), there is however no contract so you can leave if you want to for some reason afterwards.

Another update later, I'll have a very busy two weeks ahead of me. =(