The USS Quad Damage

On me and Paki's

The following has actually happened numerous times: I meet some dude. We talk. Eventually it happens that he asks me where I'm from (See, Indians and Paki's can't tell, either). I usually say "India", unless I'm being a dickhead, in which case I say "Adam".

At this point, their eyes turn a funny colour, and they say something like "Really? Well, I come from Pakistan!". They're waiting for a response. I know they are because there's this eerie silence. I'm all confused, because there's probably a secret handshake I'd be aware of if I went to more culture nights. I usually get an "err.." in, before they repeat: "Pa-kis-tan". Slower this time, in case I don't understand the english too well. At this point I'm so confused that I punch them in the face and run away. Such socially awkward situations, I tells ya!

I used to also like Chanel. Her song choice is brilliant. However, since my brother mentioned her, Hayley is fast becoming My Choice(tm). The whole lot is very hard to pick, though. They're all good.

Also, ever since Dicko mentioned boobies, I've been looking at the 16 yr old's, and feeling kinda guilty. She does indeed have a brilliant rack. Remember the time when we could look at the boobs of a 16 yr old and not feel guilty. We're fast approaching the age when we can't. The end of an era. So sad.