The USS Quad Damage

The problem with idiots is, they don't know when they're being criticised

The grading went well (I think), for all of us. We didn't even have to do our kicks (which I was rather worried about, since it's the only thing we didn't really practise). The guy was strict, but it's better him complaining at the time as opposed to failing us. He seemed rather pleased that we were... you know... listening. I learned a fair bit. The general opinion was that he was a bit of an arse, but all I could see was that he was just more persistent than other trainers, and a little more picky, but that was all to make us better Hapkidoists.

Definitely a different kind of grading. Master Brown usually sits there and watches. This guy actually walks around and looks at everyone individually, and points out little things. Seemed more like a class than a grading (as was mentioned during the night by several proponents). He apparantly also did some Tae Kwon Do judging for the IOC.

Afterwards, on the night I remember telling nathan "I don't think he criticised me at all!". I felt pretty chuffed about that, considering he was so picky. Of course, after I thought about it, he actually had criticised a number of things I did:
  • He told me to tuck my chin in during my backfall. I finally know why I'm doing it wrong.
  • He told me (well, us, but I'm pretty sure he meant me, since I was the one he was looking at) that we were trying too hard during Tanjun breathing.
  • He told us (again, probably aimed at me) not to be lazy with our leg stretches. I was actually doing a front snap kick, but I was sposed to be doing a front raising kick.
  • Various things during sparring were sometimes aimed at me. Namely the "if someone has their head facing down, feel free to put them in a choke hold" during ground sparring, since that's what I was doing at the time.
  • etc. I realise now this list is probably boring everyone bar me and nathan.