The USS Quad Damage

Spastic Finger

I got both my palm and my trackball yesterday. I've realised that not having used a trackball in a while has meant I've lost finer control over my finger, therefore giving me a (cue James Bond music) spastic finger. It'll probably be a while before I'm comfortable in the good old days of lazy right arm and finger RSI. I have to say that being cordless doesn't seem to slow the response rate by much, plus the sheer useless novelty of having a cordless device that doesn't ever move is great.

I've realised that I can use my finger on the Palm, instead of the stylus. This is a bad idea, since it puts crap on the screen, but I've done it sometimes when I'm too lazy to pull the stylus out. I guess you can say I have a (cue James Bond music) spastic finger.

I've been writing stuff on my Palm to get used to the Graffiti 2 writing system. It's pretty much like normal, except the o's don't tend to work all the time, and I keep getting my lines too short, so it puts a '.' instead of a space, or an 'l', or whatever. 'h' sometimes becomes 'n', and other simple problems like that, but practising is making me better. In fact, to start with, I'd say I had a (cue James Bond music) spastic... stylus.