The USS Quad Damage

I suggest banal ingenuity

I would suggest not using people's names unless they feel it's acceptable. I don't really mind, as long as no one mentions my car or my house. nathan doesn't mind. I tend to refer to people differently depending on the context. For example, if nathan does something in real life, I'll call him nathan, but if he says or does something intellectually or on the internet, I'll call him Camel.

My problem with BDSMs post actually arose out of a discussion with Camel. We were talking about how we were different from other blogs. Upon reading other blogs, I realised that indeed, our works were rather literary compared to others. The post in question, on the other hand, was not well thought out, and definitely seemed more like a train of thought than anything that could be enjoyable to read.

As soon as I wrote my critique, I was immediately called evil by Camel. I defend my position only by saying that any significant post should be interesting. The last 2 posts ("when it rains..." and "hellboy") by BDSM have been either informative, interesting, or both. Apparantly Camel fixed up some grammar and paragraphing, but I'm willing to let that slide.

You're hired!