The USS Quad Damage

Foobear the critic

Question: Does anyone else think that Foobear's post was a little harsh?

Given the sheer size of this broadside, I feel I have to respond with at least something- esp given that I'm a little new to this whole blogging thing and I thought that this was set up as a kind've messageboard site. I've taken the point on board, and I wont "attempt" humour any more or "spam" the site with "inane" whatever I wasn't supposed to do.

Now, I admit I was in a bit of a strange mood on Friday arvo when I wrote it and what I wrote was a bit silly, but I mean - yikes! (sorry Paulo I stole your word) I didnt think it deserved a serve like the 16 paragraph (I couldnt be bothered counting) article it got! In film-making I think it might be the opposite - to get that sort of attention would probably be a good thing - at least, if you want to make some money out of it. Okay, I'm side-tracking...

Hypothetically, my guess is that IF, for instance, Gangrenous Bob was to write something like that on here then I don’t think Foobear wouldve written anything like he did for mine.

Therefore I am only to assume that he either doesn't like me, or had nothing better to do at the time. Foobear, have I done something to offend you? If I have, then I plead with you, don't take it out on me by trying to intimidate me from behind your keyboard, speak to me personally.

PS I'm not sure if I'm allowed to use real names on here or not so I haven't. Please advise 'protocol'.