The USS Quad Damage

Tech newsletter issue #0

Welcome tim.

If anyone is interested in buying blank DVDs, you should know that Princo is absolute crap.

The best value DVD media is Ritek, and you can get a spindle of 50 for $44 from these guys - who are near Central, I'll pick up some early next week. If you must you can also get Princo DVDs from them, $28 for 50.

If you want to find out more info, have a look at whirlpool's board's.

I've dropped off 20 photos on a PC at the uni's chemist to develop, 35c each, not as cheap as at circiular quay where it's 30c each for 30+ prints, but it's certainly more convieient for me, but the uni one is 1 or 2 days rather than an hour. =(

For larger prints I'm looking at where with their prepaid card you can get a 10" by 15" print for $5 with $2.50 to ship an order, tempting as my printer only does A4.

For more professional prints I've found - I don't think I'll use them just yet though.