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Pointless Info: A Critique

I initially started writing this as a comment, but it grew to such a size that I figured I would follow protocol and put it in a post all of it's own.

You will need to read the post titled "Pointless Info" (hereon PI) if you wish to make sense of any of this, although I wouldn't recommend it if you have been fortunate enough to not have done so. For this reason, I have not included a link.

I shall begin the critique here.

  1. nathan: I thought you were going to remove posts with extraneous '...'s in them. Really, I only use them for dramatic effect, and the heavy usage in the end of the PI post makes for headache inducing diarrhea.

  2. The useless information in the bracketing is vomitoriously bad. The attempts at humour approach levels almost as bad as a certain video project I will not mention.

  3. The story itself is of little import and can be summed up within a sentence. However, this was not done, for a reason I cannot ascertain.

Thus, the post itself is a bloated collection of words my markov chain processor could rival. Truly not sensible to the palette of anyone reading or writing on this site. Camel's response has been mostly encouraging: "Welcome tim! I'm sure it'd be nice to have somebody other than Sunny and myself spam this thing with inane stories". However, one can see that beyond the thin veil, the comment is actually deriding the post, calling it "spam", and an "inane story". One can not help but turn up their nose at a piece of shit.

At moments like this tim, I regret having given you rights to post on this blog. I do hope the public vote to keep you in this competition, because you are better than this, but don't expect too many second chances.