The USS Quad Damage

Human pants for all!

I shall direct you to the machall rant. It's below the comic. About doom 3. Quite entertaining.

I had a title, and a whole blog entry planned. Unfortunately, I didn't write it down, and forgot it all. My mind's full of entropy this and modulation that.

Arithmetic coding is da bomb. It feels heaps nerdy when you're learning something at uni and can't wait to get home and implement it.

Optimality is so sexy. I would have sex with you, Arithmetic coding, if you didn't have that blasted carry problem. I'd love to see it running on dual 256-bit VUs *drool*.

Talking to AOL people really wears me out. Their verbose WTF LOL ROFL HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAH!!!!111??/ is really irritating to my sensibilities.

It's become a weekly thing talking to Elle (& sometimes Frank) about theological issues. I've already made her a (partial) vegetarian, with some help from some dude who's full of himself crapping on in some article about how killing animals is bad etc. Today we spent talking about... I have no fucking idea, we were switching topics so fast. There were gay people, and there was some point attached to that. I think Frank doesn't like em. You can kinda tell when people "discuss" a point with their minds already made up, because it comes from a single point of view, and they're kind of afraid to consider others.

One handed keyboard, eh?