The USS Quad Damage

Things that should happen on Australian Idol.

  1. A big bikie dude with a beard should come in and sing "I feel like a woman".

  2. A guy dressed exactly like Ash Ketchum should come in and sing the original theme from "Pokemon", the one that starts with "I want to be... the very best... Like no one ever was...".

  3. Someone dressed as Jigglypuff should come in, with a container of oxygen and sleeping gas in their costume, then proceed to sing the "Jigglypuff song" (the one that goes "Jigglypuff jiglly puff jiggly puff jiggly") whilst filling the room with the sleeping gas and breathing the oxygen. When all the judges fall asleep, it should get angry and proceed to draw on their faces with texta.

  4. Someone should do the theme song to He-man, Transformers, & Captain Planet, including the sound effects and voices.

  5. Someone should use the term "nerdcore" in their songs... all their songs... You know who I'm talking about.

Also, nathan, can you set it so that comments are forwarded to all our emails, instead of just yours (via some mailing list or something).