The USS Quad Damage

First Post!

First post from me anyway. =) Not much happening at the moment, but if you haven't already seen my photos I took on my trip round the world trip earlier this year, have a look here, they're pretty -

You'll need an imagestation account, if you don't want to make one, too bad. =P

Here's a shot from a more recent trip to King's Canyon-

I've been taking all these photos, but I rarely get around to doing anything with them, but I thought it was about time I tried stiching them together, it could be a little better, but for half an hour of fooling around, and just a few minutes of actually doing something useful, I got that Quicktime thing above. BTW, the play button doesn't do anything, you need to drag the image and move it around and use the zoom to do something interesting.

I've taken like 15k photos so far, mostly in the least year, so I'll put more up from time to time. =)

Because I can't spell I ran this through a spell checking, and apparently all is well, I'm worried.