The USS Quad Damage

On Gaussian distributions, Word counts, my problems, etc.

Firstly, a gaussian distribution is really just a normal distribution. It took me a full day before I found out on google. I should've known, coz they look exactly the same. I really should pay more attention in class. This is a note (if this gets on google) to anyone who's looking up how to do gaussian distributions.

nathan's word count is (was) slightly higher than mine. I'm sure that after this post, we'll be on par once again. Unfortunately, however, his word count has been gained "ethically", with a dissertation on a single topic, whereas mine is a mishmash of dotpoints and megrims.

Whilst reading nathan's situation, one thought kept popping up in my mind: If he had fast healing, he could be Wolverine. In fact, the surgeries he had in his ankles(since he's unsure what they were for) may indeed have been the infusion of adamantium into his feet. It might hurt because foot-claws are about to pop out. That sounds far less intimidating until you realise where he's going to kick you... bub...

My problems are all mental. Unfortunately, I can't be discussing them with you all, since it would probably mean ASIO knocking on my door, with a special delivery of whoop-ass. Do you know they were playing religious punjabi music on one of their reports on muslims, terrorists, and pakistan. No one... (how to put this delicately), no one who's afraid of getting killed by terrorists in this country can tell the difference between a punjabi guy and a muslim guy, even though all the punjabi guy's packing is a sharp wit.

I should probably also take this time to mention that all yesterday I was updating my gnome themes. For those of you who have gtk without gnome, it may help you to know that there are 2 programs gtk-theme-switch & gtk-theme-switch2 to help you switch themes in gtk. For problems in firefox just add
gtk-font-name="name of font"
somewhere in your gtkrc (I stuck it in .gtkrc-2.0.mine, which is linked from the ordinary gtkrc-2.0, which is edited by gtk-theme-switch)

Cursor themes are also easy to update without the relevant configuration GUI thingimadoodles. In your

make a directory "default", so you get

In this directory, place a file

which should have 2 lines:
[Icon Theme]


This name-of-icon-theme is arbitrary, and is the name of a sub-directory under
~/.icons/, eg: ~/.icons/name-of-icon-theme

In the name-of-icon-theme directory, there should be a subdirectory called "cursors", where all your cursors are. Restart X, and you're done.

Raptor: is good, no matter what anyone says.