The USS Quad Damage

Short, fat chicks and knee highs

Luckily, no one concerning this subject reads this blog, else I'd be in trouble. Here goes:

When a certain subsection of society starts to wear something, like gay people and rainbow sashes, one begins to associate rainbow sashes with gay people.

So it is with knee highs. The only people who wear them are sluts, dominatrices and short, fat chicks. The theory is that short, fat chicks look less short and less fat, and thus theoretically more sexually appealing. The possible additional... addition... is that they look easy and open minded.

However, the theory is so well entrenched in the little round maidens, that wearing knee highs almost equates with being short and fat. Rather than making you look less short and less fat, they only serve to highlight the fact that you are both, and trying desperately to avoid it, with the additional... addition.. that you look easy and open minded.

Conclusion: I have something more important to talk and think about, but this is bugging me more.

Feather Letish.