The USS Quad Damage

On the nature of evil and 鬼。

I wonder sometimes whelther we can really justify not going insane and killing people. I mean, you get fucked over by people above or below.

In specific relation to Simon, I realised I wouldn't like to mess with the guy. Mainly because he's a vengeful and hateful person, and has a mind twisted enough to justify his actions. It isn't "truth" with him, it's "Simon truth", which he admits readily, and it kinda scares me a little.

It's kinda funny to see him wax lyrical about people shortchanging banks, and robbing them, but it not being reported in the press because "it gives the image of vulnerability". It's like one of those twisted sentences that you're so sure makes some sense, but it doesn't. Banks shortchange people, and robbers shortchange banks. We can report where banks rip us off, but not where frauds/robbers rip them off. All despite the fact that the media shouldn't really have a vested interest in protecting the interests of either the bank or the people.

He loves his bank.

After reading 1984, I'm a lot more concerned about how much our society mirrors the book. The doublethink, the media control, it's all there, and people know, but they don't care. Simon's like Smith's friend who works for the dictionary department, bold and sure of himself, and that he's doing the right thing, of and for BB. The bank's beau ideal. Different to the Bo ideal.

The bad thing is, this doesn't leave any "right" course of action. The bank are pigs, the people are pigs, and the proles are trodden over. The same kind of tussle occurs between the politicians and the media. The media is quick to point the finger and jump to conclusions. We can see that by the hysteria over Mohammad Ali when he said he would take up boxing again. How could they not have known he was kidding? The politicians wash over information and tiptoe around questions. A truly marvelous and wicked dance, a satanic ritual.

悪. Evil is a word that's being used far too often. It's become acceptable since Bush. It can be used to justify any course of action. It allows people in power to commit horrific acts with impunity.

Giant babies don't know what they're doing, they don't know what they're destroying. How do you make them stop?

Even as I write this, a small thought is going through my head: "Can they put me in gaol for writing this stuff?". They've done it to someone else. Some nameless guy writing stuff about inciting jihad. Writing stuff... like what I'm doing here. If I pissed Simon off one day, could he go to the police and put me in gaol?

I hope I can flip out appropriately when that happens.

Media Machine.