The USS Quad Damage

Asia Carrera did a case mod?

We won 3 times, (4 if you count the unfinished last game, 5 if you count the deliberate ball-tampering by the other team).
They won 2 times (1 if you don't count the one where they moved the ball out of the way). I thought the ball-tampering was legit, so let em get away with it. We were only there to have fun. nathan's just anally retentive.

The point is that we won.

The bent over old woman (really a makeshift letterbox) was incredibly scary, namely because you wondered why she was bending over... Maybe she was carrying something, like an M16 or a rocket launcher.

Speaking of robots, there's gonna be a $2500 Hello Kitty robot, complete with (japanese) speech recognition. Actually, japanese is a lot easier to do speech recognition on, because there's no stress in words, and the letters always make the same sounds, but anyway...

Asia Carrera is a porn star (apparantly). Apparantly, she's done a case mod... She likes unreal tournament... and designs topless bots...

Q. If you could have any computer in the world, what would be your ultimate dream machine? Intel or AMD. ATI or Nvidia? What computer do you currently run at the moment?

I'm AMD all the way because they sent me a fully-tricked out system for my birthday one year. I use ATI on one computer for vidcap and editing stuff, and Nvidia cards on the rest of my computers for gaming.

This isn't processing.