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A good way to encourage more powerful desktops on Linux

I've been thinking about people pushing user-friendliness on the linux desktop. I thought, how do we combat this menace? After a little bit of thinking, Goku and other Dragonball Z characters started talking to me about how you can abuse people with how weak their desktop is.

For example, if you're running something like metacity, a little vegeta pops up and calls the user "weak", like "you're so weak, my unborn child could defeat you", whereas when you pick more powerful environments or window managers (like, say pekwm or fluxbox), goku could pop up and say "I've never seen a power level so amazing!".

And that'll be that. People can bitch about interface all they want, but no one wants to be a wuss, especially if everytime you log in, fictional characters make light of your masculinity. Therefore, no one except actual girls will use non-powerful software, and girls are a bitchy, whiny lot anyway(full disclosure: I don't have a gf).

As for who decides, the community decides. You give points for functionality, and the quickness and cleanness of DEALING WITH IT(tm). A scoring system based on minimalism would also do well (eg: a piece of software loses points if it does something outside of it's scope, but gains points if it achieves elegant powerful functionality). Desktop power could then be calculated based on the software power. Lots of varied powerful software - increase power, lots of terminals - lose power. This way people can't just keep running lots of powerful apps that do the same thing in order to increase their power level.

Then, all of a sudden, in order to be have their software recognised and used, people will have to throw in heaps of functionality and power. Then everyone will have and use a more powerful operating system, and the world will be a better place.