The USS Quad Damage

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I recently went to It's a pretty cool site, and really capitalises on the ideas behind the internet -- namely those of co-operation and collaboration. Basically, they make shirts with stuff printed on them. Here's the cool part, though: You can submit pictures for inclusion, and people all vote on the ones they like. The ones with the most votes end up on T-Shirts. They're pretty cheap at US$10 each, especially considering the quality of artwork on some of em. Unfortunately, it'll probably be a real bitch to ship the stuff to Australia.

I really hate when "ordinary" businesses think they can just go on the internet, and they have some inherent "right" to make money. All decent ideas on the internet are bright ideas, and they share a vision that doesn't quite fit in with reality. The internet's about community. Ironically enough, real life... isn't quite. At least, not anymore. Maybe that's why so many people like the whole seachange idea. The amount of collaboration and freedom possible on the internet needs to be exploited and built upon, not shunned and hidden. I think a lot of companies try and do just that: control the internet, and stop creativity. People say that it's not possible to control the internet, but it's possible, especially when the internet community is complacent. We've got to be vigilant in the face of such bullshit. Hopefully we'll win out.

I had an interview with vl yesterday. I kinda messed it up. I never get stressed in exams, but I have a strange stigma with interviews. I actually have a stigma with most 'normal' things -- "this is something normal people can do, so I'll probably have trouble here". My ability in any activity is inversely proportional to the average Joe's ability in the same activity. No matter how positive I try and stay, I invariably have trouble, and that seats that feeling in even deeper. You know how it goes. I never really appreciated how hard exams can be to ordinary people until I thought of it that way.

I went out with the primary school friend I met the other day. It was pretty fun. We talked a lot of shit. Funny how you don't see someone for most of your life, and all of a sudden, you can talk again and it's cool. It's kinda funny though, she's eerily normal. I mean, after 5 years of uni, I've gotten used to strange people. I hang around em all the time. Even the 'normal' ones are pretty strange by comparison. It's a nerd thing I guess. It's strange seeing her cope with things with so much... grace... It's an odd thing. I don't know how to put it any other way. It's not a physical grace or lyrical grace, it's kind of a social grace, if that makes sense. But, you know, I like how I'm clumsy in that way, too.

Fwoosh, after a long time of waiting, and immeasurable technical difficulties, is finally complete. Even if I say so myself. I believe it's close to brilliant. The decisions made on the day by us all, the camerawork, the acting, it's all done as well as can be. If there was anything I could fault, it was Michael's heart-attack scene. It was done too rushed, and Michael got up as soon as he fell down, which meant it didn't show up too well on the screen. Either way, it ends up being better than a lot of our other ones, and I like the fact that it's a complete work in itself. Not something thrown together and not something incomplete.

We saw Spiderman 2. It was good. Not a lot of attention to detail, but who cares. It's Spiderman.