The USS Quad Damage

nathan picks up kittens

On top of the fact that he doesn't bathe regularly, he's got a small cat which I'm sure he sexually abuses. It wants to get out of the house really badly, and when nathan comes it will climb on top of the door to escape his evil clutches. I dread what he intends to do with the camera. My greatest fear is that he has it hidden in the kitten's room, so he can perv on it when it's changing.

I'm just being honest here. And for the record, babies taste nice, and Mozart was getting way too much credit for being more "evil" than me, so I stabbed him 24 times, just to spite the mayhem bassist.

When nathan says "Another idea for a film project has hit me", he really should have mentioned that I hit him with it. I mean, all his ideas are really mine, except he changes them slightly, like J. Jonah Jameson in Spiderman 2. Luckily his limp, lifeless imagination won't be thrust upon us in the d20 modern campaign.

The really odd thing is, my brother fucked up his leg too. I don't think he needs to go to hospital though.