The USS Quad Damage

You must be crap to be good...

I agree with everything said. It's a lot harder making fun of the buff Tae-Kwon-Do guy breaking teeny tiny boards when you're a big fat lardarse. I've been sick, so I'm going to start off easy, but I intend to get good. Further, before I grade, I want to have most of my techniques semi-mastered. This includes, but is not limited to the turning sidefalls, jumping spinning crescents and spinning crescents, hook kicks (and basically just spinning around really fast without getting dizzy), and my self defences. The self defences are difficult, because these are all throws. To do it right, and quickly enough, is more difficult than it looks.

And nathan's "disease"... If that means being able to get out of crazy locks, or not being put into them in the first place, I can't see how that would make him less ninja.