The USS Quad Damage

My Japanese is not good... - ����日本語���ん��

I've received a wealth of material from camel. Enough to keep me busy for far too long. Just when I need to be concentrating on one thing, I keep getting distracted by other things. It probably says something about me.

Nerds are in a really odd space right now. I mean, nerds my age. Because our younger brethren are being more readily accepted in society. Every group seems to have at least 1 nerd now, even the cool groups. It feels strange to see all these emotionally stable and socially competent people who are smarter than me. Not bad, entirely, but strange.

I've been heavy into RSS feeds, ever since I got liferea for gnome. I can't/won't get the other reader, mainly because of it's heavy reliance on python means I have to download 100 megs worth of libraries. liferea is brilliant... well... close. I've been trying to get feeds for near everything.

I read a thing where it was suggested that collaborative blogs be used instead of email / message boards. I've been thinking about how that's a good idea. I reckon one of us should make a new blog and invite everyone else to it, thereby allowing us to write to one another on the (one) blog. Our own blogs being used for blogging, and the collaborative one being used as a message board. The nicest part of this being the fact that there's an automatic feed! This works out really well, because people with aggregators (like me) can then use this in a way similar to a message board. Even people without http access can kinda work it out with mail gateways (it's an rss/atom feed, so why not).

I'm quite keen on the idea. I do also want to mention this page. Download them all. Each is better than the last.