The USS Quad Damage

Where is read?

Does anyone even read this thing? It's kinda depressing writing this much if no one reads it.

Sometimes things are so bad you want to kill yourself. This happens especially when you have nothing to do. I thought I'd spend one day with nothing to do, and already I'm starting to feel a little strange in the gut, like I want to stab it.

Anyway, I've got the Goa soundtrack thanks to Camel. They did some stuff for Lain. I must say I really like it. It's definitely got Lacuna Coilesque metal overtones and sounds quite JJJ. Very nice. I now also have the Karekano 1st OST. I really like classical music, and this is absolutely brilliant. Unfortunately, everything's in Japanese, so my applications feel like crashing often.

I got a K-Jofol plugin for xmms. Pretty, but... all I've ever really wanted is my winamp window with a long play bar thingy (like how winamp 5 does it, showing the play bar on the playlist). Why, despite the immensely spoogeworthy prettiness does no one think of functionality?

There are also wierd internationalisation problems with gtk applications. They basically don't like the fonts I give them(the locale is set to UTF-8, but the fonts are... not), so I've had to change environment variables so they aren't "international". 糞.

Luckily, fluxbox's LC_CTYPE problem appears to be fixed in CVS. Just have to wait for 0.9.10 to come out. よ�.

I'm kind of really pining for the new xservers with the proper shadows and things. SVG, etc. SVG is really awesome. I can't wait till fluxbox has that. I can't wait for fluxbox to have a lot of basic things, really. But anyway...

Sorry about these small posts by the way. I don't always have something to say. It must be a hassle sifting through the small crappy ones with the "this was my day" kinda things to look for the meatier "this is the meaning of life" stuff.