The USS Quad Damage

A mixture of hatred and allayment.

OK. Exams are over. phew. I won't have to think about them for a while, and can instead think about... my thesis. I'm kinda scared of my thesis, but I know I gotta try while I still can. I also think that now that it's over, I can finally finish off the DVD le Team Choko. Hell, I'm glad I can think about that. I'm even gonna watch all the karekano I can.

I went shoe shopping with a friend. It's never a good idea to go shoe shopping when you're a guy. I was kinda roped into it by promises of looking for computer equipment first, and the mere fact that she was an engineer seemed to exude the fact that she would be highly efficient.

I must say, she WAS highly efficient.

It's just that, going into wedding shops and shoe shops (she was looking for bridesmaids' dresses), for a guy, is like instant alienation. You enter this whiff of odd air, and all of a sudden all you know is you don't want to be there... looking for women's shoes. I must say though, on the whole, I've become more resistant to the experience. And she is my friend, so I'm happy.

So why am I so angry. minidigital. I ordered my trackball from them about a month ago now. I was told the ETA was 2 weeks... 2 weeks ago. That got me a little pissed, but I was willing to let it slide. I had exams, I was patient, I don't really know. I thought "two weeks isn't really that bad after the 2 weeks I've had to wait already". So I email them about how long it's going to be... the ETA is now 30 days... 30 fucking days. How the hell the time goes up is beyond me. I'm hoping there's some clerical error and my trackball's already been shipped, because right now I want to fatally wound Ben Moran in a series of highly technical ninja moves. I swear to fucking god. They've already taken my money. I want my fucking trackball.