The USS Quad Damage

Politicians, exams, and �れ��

There's this girl (hereafter named "the girl") from Africa at uni. We thought she was an exchange student, but she's actually been doing uni in this country. Anyway, she's way into geography and world history and stuff, and she travels heaps. She's been to France and even Norway. ���!!
She wants to be a politician too. She's from Mozambique, which is in the south east of Africa. She won't tell me how big it is or anything, coz she wants me to look it up. Understandable, I guess, since she's so into geography. So here are some fun facts about Mozambique:

It's a medium sized country (smaller than australia, bigger than japan) near Tanzania and Zimbabwe, on the east coast at the south part of Africa. It used to be a portugese colony, and only recently (1975) gained independence. Economic dependence on SA, prolonged drought and civil war. Heavy flooding in 1999 and 2000. Apparantly the heat there is nice, but it's not as hot as here. The beach water is really nice and warm there. Political stability and sound economic policies have encouraged recent foreign investment. I got that from here. Oh, and from the girl.

Exams are going OK so far. The next two are going to be killers though, as well as the fact that they're at 9, meaning I have to get up at 6:00. There's a lot of work that needs to go into passing them. That isn't helped by the fact that I'm trying to draw a bit. I think I've put a lot on my shoulders: Drawing, Hapkido, uni (Electronics, Computers), programming, music (listening), 3D graphics, and Movie creation + editing. I don't know if I can maintain a lifestyle with all these things in it, but I don't want to get rid of any of these things. I get these funny ideas of looking fit enough to wear Anji Mito cosplay. ア���, OK, maybe I'm not that crazy... yet.

�れ�� is a really good series. Cool animation, decent plot, great jokes. Plus it's a pretty nice happy warm ���� show. Certainly beats "Miss Match". God that's a shit show. Seriously. What the fuck is wrong with americans. Is it that I want to stab every character I ever see on television? Especially dumb shows like Secret Life of Us. What the fuck? Who watches that show? Why is Shaun Micallef not on TV but that crap is? Why is it fucking winning awards? I mean seriously, everything that's wrong with this society is pretty solidly defined in TV today. Might as well get honest now and start showing child porn on whenever songs of praise is on. Fuckers.

I should probably mention P.N. 03 (Product No. 3, a gamecube game). That girl is fucking hot! No one can wiggle her arse and kill giant robots like that! Damn!

Clever got me this far, and tricky got me in.