The USS Quad Damage

よ�ゃ�, although I'm certain that's not how it's spelled.

I've gotten japanese text input to work. That in itself wasn't all that hard, but it was a fair bit harder getting it to work with english display (when the language is changed, the menus show up in japanese too). it's great, I can type stuff in romaji and it shows up as �ら��, alternately カタカナ。 The nice thing is that it will automatically substitute 漢字, or �ん�, because that's probably the wrong kanji ;).

So now I get a more authentic japanese laugh by using "オホホホホホ", instead of far less leet "hehe". The only really bad thing is that I'm currently using "shift-space" to switch modes, and when I type a capital letter, then a space, like "I", I sometimes enter the japanese mode. The other downside being the lack of a way to "compose". But it's not like I gotta use that anyway.

Anyway, I gotta �ん�ょ� (study).