The USS Quad Damage

From primary school!

I don't know if anyone notices (hell, I don't know if anyone reads, but that's another story), but I update every 3 days. I'm updating earlier because this is just way freaky.

Actually, something happened yesterday that was way awesome too, but that's kind of a secret, so I couldn't write about it.

I met a friend from primary school. Not Mac. Fields (they tended to stay on in high school, so it wasn't that special meeting someone from Mac. Fields), but Warwick Farm. I couldn't remember her for the life of me. I couldn't remember Warwick Farm for the life of me. She told me about all these names and things I totally forgot about. I've been trying to remember some others, but most of the people I remember are from bad memories. Maybe that's why I don't remember Warwick Farm much.

There was this freckled girl, Joanne or something I think. I don't remember much about her. There was a girl named Sarah... err, maybe not Sarah, but I had to dance with her. She hated it. There was this guy: Billy, and this aborigine guy. They used to pick on me. There was this kid, Chris, and this other guy... who liked showing off his erection. I taught him a lesson, and he didn't do it again. I'd rather not talk about that.

Anyway, that's all. Freaky, huh?