The USS Quad Damage

New Stuff

I'm kinda losing my patience here. I've been waiting for things to get updated or delivered and they don't. I'm waiting on a trackball I ordered from perth. It was supposed to be delivered by the end of the week, but it wasn't. I'm waiting on firefox 0.9rc packages for debian, but they don't exist yet, and I'm not sure they ever will. Gaim 0.78 is similarly lacking debian packages. I understand it's still early days, but I'm really itching to get this stuff.

I really like miranda-im. It's almost perfect. I wish there was something as good for linux. Gaim just doesn't cut the mustard as far as jabber is concerned. I don't even use miranda's ICQ and MSN plugins, I just use Jabber. It's the best Jabber client as well as the best all round IM system I've ever seen.