The USS Quad Damage

Addendum to blood donation

I went to Hapkido today, and I was totally screwed. I mean, I've been tired before and had to take maybe 5 mins out. I've been REALLY screwed before and had to throw up, but this was just plain old strange. I felt light headed, but I felt like I could actually continue, if it weren't so dizzying standing up. I had to lie down to get blood to my head. Maybe 10 mins later I got up and walked back. I thought I was OK at this point, but as it turns out I wasn't. I had to go and lie back down immediately. Another 5 mins later, I did maybe another 5 mins of stuff (some situps and turning kicks off the floor) and I had to lie down again. It took sir to pour some water on my head and tell me to take control of my body to finally get up again.

In part, this was because we're training more rigorously. In part, it's possibly because of something I ate (doubt this). I think the main contributor is the fact I donated blood recently. I really didn't think 500ml would matter, and I thought you'd get it back in a day or so, but apparantly not so. Well, maybe I'm just a wuss.

I think I still need to work on my fitness though. Because of stuvac / exams / holidays, I'm going to try to train and run a little more. I haven't been able to do that in a while. I want to be strong.