The USS Quad Damage

If the site is "cameal", then why not name the blog "why are people so unkind"?

(updated: fixed links)
The literary talents of Team Choko have again been unleashed upon the unsuspecting world of blogging. It's only a matter of time before the greater losers (the ones who actually READ blogs) are forgetting about their favourite Iraqi and tuning in to far more talented people like me and Camel.

I have to say some things about how Atom is retarded and blogger should use proper RSS. Hopefully the API is decent enough that someone can build a bridge. You can do an IM to blogger (at least, it's theoretically possible), but this is still pretty shoddy. I hate to say it but those italians have made me... efficient.

This blog's probably not worth it unless I include a link about fat people and the optimal shape of a city.